Civil works / Neighborhood Renewals


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As a part of a 7 year contract that North West Paving started in 2012 we have been prime contractor for overseeing the complete civil works rehab of the Woodcroft and North Glenora communities. We work closely with City of Edmonton engineers and project managers to give the residents new infrastructure which willl stand the test of time.  The total contract value of the 7 year contract is over 60 million dollars.

Neighborhood Overlays:

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In 2013 North West Paving was a part of multiple asphalt overlay project to increase the life span of roads around Edmonton. Stony Plain Road over Groat Road, 91 street between 23 ave and 34 ave, 98th ave between 75th street and 50 street, and in the Lego Lindo neighborhood on the north side of Edmonton.

Civil Works:

Paving raker job Skreed operator job Paver operator job


In 2013 North West Paving was prime contractor for the road widening of 34 ave between 50th street and 34th street. This job is worth more than 3 million dollars and affects alot of citizens.back