Civil works / Neighborhood Renewals

North West Paving is the prime contractor for major road works such as neighborhood rehabilitation’s totaling more than $100 million dollars and working alongside Epcor for various street and alley way repairs due to water line replacements.


Paver Operator Job, Asphalt Skreed Operator Job, Roller Operator Job, Asphalt Raker job, Labourer Job

Since 2012 North West Paving has been prime contractor for overseeing the completion of multiple neighborhood renewals including Woodcroft, Lauderdale, Rosslyn, North Glenora and Alberta Avenue communities.  We work closely with City of Edmonton engineers and project managers to give the residents new infrastructure which will stand the test of time.  The completion of these contracts marks over 90 million dollars’ worth of work.

Neighborhood Overlays:

Job finish roller break down roller


North West Paving was a part of multiple asphalt overlay projects to increase the life span of roads around Edmonton

Civil Works:

Paving raker job Skreed operator job Paver operator job


Since 2007 North West Paving has completed many civil work projects as prime contractor. We work closely with the City of Edmonton to construct good quality new infrastructure while minimizing the daily impact to residents in the affected areas. Some of the projects include 83 Avenue Bike Route and 122 Avenue (107 street to Fort Road).

North West Paving also works closely with Epcor on their watermain renewal program and emergency watermain repair program which involves tight coordination to minimize impact to affected residents.