Demonstrated Capacity

We have six dedicated project managers for the snow season, these people manage our approx.. 50 employees that are on retainer for the snow season

1.       Ross Mitchell – 30 plus years’ experience

2.      Marc Hetu – 10 plus years’ experience

3.      Chris Skoreyeko – 10 plus years’ experience

4.      Murray Ross – 10 plus years’ experience

5.      Dustin Buryn – 3 years’ experience – Junior PM

6.      Michael Kowalyshyn – 3 years’ experience Junior

We have an extensive list of equipment that is well maintained, while we know breakdowns happen we have additional resources we can pull from including leasing / renting / sub-contracting. Although these cases will be rare as our main preference is to only use our own equipment.

Due to our many project managers we utilize a 24 hour call in system where someone is always available to answer the phone. On top of this we employ a retainer plus a bonus system to our operators that ensures we can fill the seats in our equipment on very short notice.

We can provide ice melt and sand boxes with chip refills as necessary as well as parking lot chipping if slippery conditions crop up.