Call Out Procedures

We split our equipment and operators into small crews. These crew will generally consist of a Grader, Loader and Skidsteer / truck and trailer. We find this composition works the best as you can get the snow and ice that has built up scraped away with the grader, get the tight corners with the skidsteers and then load up the trucks with the loader. By utilizing the three sizes of snow removal equipment we can make sure that the small areas that get built up with snow over time can get completely cleaned and taken away, this eliminates the slow melt / freeze cycle that can lead to icy patches forming in some areas of the parking lots.

Our mobile equipment is split between day shift and night shift. The day shift crew is generally a smaller amount of operators that are usually reserved for chipping and providing smaller amounts of snow removal to keep businesses / public flowing during heavy snowfall events. Our main force starts between 5pm and 6pm at night. This allows us to work throughout the night to ensure that parking lots are cleared and hauled by the opening of the business / school in the morning. Each crew is given a set route that can be completed within the night as efficiently as possible. This requires planning and forethought to determine which sites complement each other in proximity, complexity and size.

Our project managers ensure a 24 hour coverage of our snow removal needs, this includes daily site checks/ monitoring of all of our snow removal sites. With constant eyes on our work areas we can achieve a very quick response in case of any irregular weather patterns, be that snowy conditions or freezing rain. In the case of freezing rain we have stockpile of chips/sand that we can take from at our shop / property that is located just north of Sherwood Park. This stockpile can last us for up to two weeks of inclement weather just in case we can’t get addition chips from our various suppliers due to holidays or pit closures. We base our contracted snow removal work into three categories, 24 hours service, 48 hour service and 72 hour service. We are diligent not to flood our workload with next night service which would make it impossible to service all our clientele.