Base Division

The base division is one of the most important parts of the North West Paving “machine”. A solid foundation is critical to any project that requires quality workmanship and most importantly longevity. The base division covers a wide range from small base to large base which allows us to tackle any size project. The small base crews are essential to larger projects as they fulfill the role of completing any base work whether that be subgrade, gravel or soil cement in tighter areas where larger equipment could cause damage to the surroundings. The big base crews are the backbone to most projects where they complete multiple tasks from cement stabilized subgrade, full depth reclamation (the process of utilizing the existing road structure as new base), and gravel preparation. North West Paving uses the moto work smarter not harder which typically means utilizing equipment when possible. Our base equipment ranges from graders, loaders, and skidsteers to multiple variations of packers.